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Mistakes new homeowners make with home design

It’s always so exciting when you purchase your new home. There are lots of to renovate and decorate, leaving you with endless possibilities. Before you start looking at the design, have a think about what steps you’re going to take so you don’t end up making early mistakes or miss any important details that you […]

Celebrities with the best designed homes

If you’re looking for design inspiration or idolising your dream home, sometimes seeing how celebrities have designed their properties can be a great start. Gathering ideas from the famous and seeing how they’ve made their homes personal to them. Even though you may not be interested in having a high-end mansion or buying a skyscraper […]

Essential steps in designing a kitchen

When designing a kitchen, there are lots of steps to take into consideration. There are many tips and tricks to designing the perfect kitchen. It’s an exciting process and can be very beneficial for your home. Here are 10 essential design steps: Create a budget Understand the financial costs when investing in your new kitchen. […]

Changes in church architecture

Church architecture has certainly evolved over time. For example, the basic construction feature of a church is that it’s designed as a cross. The shape is usually long and rectangular alone with rectangles on the sides, and one at the front that represents the altar space which is also the sanctuary point. Churches are characterised […]

How to make your home happy and relaxed

Relaxed spaces do two things, they provide a sense of calm and enable us to switch off. 90% of people most satisfied with their home say it often or always makes them feel relaxed. Creating a relaxed space means bringing together other happy qualities such as adaptability and its ability to nourish. We want our […]

How do I choose an architect?

It’s important to find an architecture firm that is respected and can ensure the success of your project. Choosing the wrong one can be painful and expensive. How do I shortlist architects? The number of varying job titles with an architect can be misleading. If you’re searching for an architect to complete a larger project, […]

7 common kitchen design mistakes to avoid

Creating the perfect kitchen begins with thoughtful design. Your new plan should eliminate problems and avoid typical design errors that hinder the function of your kitchen. Here are 7 common kitchen design mistakes that we can help you avoid. 1. Inadequate circulation space Failing to have enough circulation space can make the kitchen feel cramped. […]

8 impressive buildings in Las Vegas

With all the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, people should take more time to appreciate the beautiful architecture in the city. The popular hotels and casinos are architectural masterpieces, but there are also many lesser-known buildings that are beautifully designed. Here is a list of 8 amazing building designs in Las Vegas. 1. Nevada […]

Building the country back to health

We currently have Boris Johnson chanting “Build. Build. Build.” The government’s plan to rebuild the economy through investment in new infrastructure makes sense – the construction supply chain is extensive, so every new hospital, school and road brings thousands of employment opportunities. It works at the domestic level also. A home improvement at a first […]