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How the growing demand for smart homes is changing architectural design

A smart clock that adjusts the morning alarms according to your work schedule; the shower that is already warm before you step in; the coffee made and waiting for you in the kitchen. Sound too futuristic? No – smart homes are here! Apple, Alexa and Google have brought in transformational trends that have introduced us […]

New lease of life for historic pub

A charming 15th Century pub has been given a much-needed refurbishment to create beautiful guest accommodation – that is stylish yet sympathetic to its Grade II* listed status. The Marlborough Head public house in Dedham, Essex, is steeped in history, but was in dire need of attention when acquired by entrepreneur Tom West. Having worked […]

Bathroom design: how to plan a bathroom

Good bathroom design is essential if you want your new space to work well. It could transform your relationship with what is likely to be the smallest room in your house. Whether you’re working with a professional designer, or taking on the project yourself, we’ve rounded up the most important information, useful tips and clever […]

A quarter of a century for NJ Architects

We are incredibly pleased to be marking the milestone of 25 years in business – although we have never really left the kitchen table where it all began. Nicholas Jacob set up NJ Architects in 1996 at his house in Ipswich, employing Shaun Soanes and Hugh Bunbury who remain with the company today. But although […]

Mark Ronson’s 1930’s Hollywood inspired hideaway

Mark Ronson is a music producer, working with world-famous singers including Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga. He searched for a LA property in 2016 after being based in the area for work, and decided on this property – a Spanish Revival 1930’s hideaway, with four bedrooms and five bathrooms. It also includes a […]

Mistakes new homeowners make with home design

It’s always so exciting when you purchase your new home. There are lots of to renovate and decorate, leaving you with endless possibilities. Before you start looking at the design, have a think about what steps you’re going to take so you don’t end up making early mistakes or miss any important details that you […]

Celebrities with the best designed homes

If you’re looking for design inspiration or idolising your dream home, sometimes seeing how celebrities have designed their properties can be a great start. Gathering ideas from the famous and seeing how they’ve made their homes personal to them. Even though you may not be interested in having a high-end mansion or buying a skyscraper […]

Essential steps in designing a kitchen

When designing a kitchen, there are lots of steps to take into consideration. There are many tips and tricks to designing the perfect kitchen. It’s an exciting process and can be very beneficial for your home. Here are 10 essential design steps: Create a budget Understand the financial costs when investing in your new kitchen. […]

Changes in church architecture

Church architecture has certainly evolved over time. For example, the basic construction feature of a church is that it’s designed as a cross. The shape is usually long and rectangular alone with rectangles on the sides, and one at the front that represents the altar space which is also the sanctuary point. Churches are characterised […]