Norfolk Fire Damaged House

[av_textblock_scroll size=” font_color=” color=” av_uid=’av-6hx912′ custom_class=”] When we started work on a fire damaged house in Norfolk, it was a charred, scarred shell of its former self. An 18th century building bursting with character, it had been gutted by an inferno fanned by high winds and needed lots of attention to bring it back to life. The project to repair included replacing the black glazed roof tiles and stone floors as well as adding in some modern twists such as efficient insulation, double glazing and batteries to store solar power.

It has been complex, extensive and multifaceted work but restoring old buildings is part of our area of expertise and we worked in close association with conservation officers. Our dedication has paid off. And the building has risen like a phoenix from the ashes.  The house now benefits from a new ground source heating system and a range of photovoltaic cells that serve battery storage in the cellar. This Grade 11 listed Georgian house is now very much brought into the 21st Century.

A photo of the fire damaged property before we started the project can be viewed here.

Photographs by Gerado Jaconelli.