Celebrities with the best designed homes

If you’re looking for design inspiration or idolising your dream home, sometimes seeing how celebrities have designed their properties can be a great start. Gathering ideas from the famous and seeing how they’ve made their homes personal to them. Even though you may not be interested in having a high-end mansion or buying a skyscraper apartment, you may still be inspired by the way they have invented and designed their property, taking into account any particular features that stand out to you.

Here are 7 celebrity homes around the world, which may help you inspire your next design project.

Andrea Bocelli, Tuscany, Italy

This Villa is situated on the Tuscan coast and measures around 8,000 square feet. The Villa is known as ‘Villa Alpermare’. It was originally a hotel from after the 2nd World War to the late 1990’s. Before Bocelli purchased the property, he asked advice from his brother Alberto to see the costing and the length of time to design the space. The renovation took 1 year which resorted in three floors and includes living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, offices, Bocelli’s own studio, and rooms for entertaining guests. The villa is also situated close to the beach where both Bocelli and his wife own the ‘Alpemare Beach Club’.

Lenny Kravitz, Singer, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

This property is a large farm surrounded by stunning scenery including waterfalls, mountains and stretches over 1,000 acres. Kravitz speaks to ‘Architectural Digest’ and says about the property: “a place to unplug, reset your life, and take time to be quiet and actually hear yourself”. The farm is occupied with outbuildings and farmhouses and some have been converted by Kravitz into a gym, pool house, guest spaces and a recording studio. The renovation that been an ongoing process for a number of years and Kravitz regularly visits to oversee the project. The furnishings in the property have pieces that are designed by Eero Saarinen and Warren Platner, with Paco Rabanne vintage wall hangings.

Paloma Faith, London

This townhouse was designed through Faith’s own ideas and inspirations. She didn’t have a professional designer help and for some of her furnishings, she sourced from the internet and sites such as eBay. One of the items sourced from eBay was the sofa which Faith got reupholstered in leopard fabric by Ralph Lauren. According to ‘Architectural Digest’ Faith took some valuable advice forward in her life from Terry Gilliam when she worked with him on a film and that is what inspired her to design the townhouse. Terry said: “Remember to never compromise your ideas. Think of what your actual dream will be, and you figure out a way of doing it, irrespective of budget”.

Ralph Lauren, New York, USA

This manor house is situated in Bedford, New York and is a ‘Norman-style stone manor’. It’s one of five houses that Lauren owns with his wife. ‘Architectural Digest’ describes the home as: “an interpretation of Englishness, not a recreation of it”. The house has lots of woodland and lawn surrounding with over 250 acres and stands at 17,000 square feet. The house has Georgian furniture and panelling made from Mahogany, with Tartan being the main fabric of the dining room. There is a vast leather collection as well as pencil drawings of various animals.

Marc Anthony, Dominican Republic

There are many features to this property including a main house measuring 10,000 square foot which can house up to 24, bungalows for guests, many pavilions, lounging spaces and pools. When Anthony bought the property, it only had the main house and one pool with surroundings of ‘wild vegetation’. Local craftsmen made a range of the furnishings which includes materials such as Mahogany, Sapele and Teak. The property is mainly a retreat for both Anthony and his wife.

Shonda Rhimes, Los Angeles, USA

This property measures 8,400 square foot and was originally built in 1923. Rhimes collaborated with designer Michael Smith to create the overall design of the house which Rhimes says: “the home we’ve created feels classic California – if a little bit romantic”. There is a living room, front hall, library, large kitchen and much more. The property is surrounded by an acre of land with views of large trees, lawns and a garden. There is also a collection of artwork by Hughie Lee-Smith on the walls of the library and living room.

Drake, Toronto, Canada

This property measures 50,000 square feet and was designed by Ferris Rafauli who is a ‘Canadian architectural and interior designer’. There are many materials included in the build such as: bronze, exotic woods, and limestone. The interior is described by Rafauli as “modern Art Deco” and the interior itself has been adjusted from a classical style and moulded into a more modern look. The property even includes a full scale NBA-size basketball court which has been painted with Drake’s lifestyle brand in mind.