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Brighten up a room with a splash of colour

There is a current trend in adding a splash of colour to a room to give it some brightness. Here are just a few ideas to give you inspiration on how you can do so:

A feature wall

Paint one wall of a room a different colour to all of the other walls, ideally in a much brighter shade. Or a particular wall can be the same colour as the rest of the walls, but brightened up with patterned wallpaper.

Wall art

Don’t want to paint the entire wall? You can get lots of eye-catching canvases as an instant route to colour pop. Be careful with the scale when you choose, and ensure the style matches the room.

Bright window frames

Make the windows the feature of the room. This is rather unusual as most of us have white woodwork in our homes, but there is no reason why you can’t change the colour.

Coloured radiators

These also tend to be painted white, but you could invest in a stylish new model, or give your current plain panelled design a makeover with colour.

Bring colour to the kitchen

Splashbacks are usually one of the easiest parts of the kitchen to replace, and they will really refresh the look of the room. Consider replacing plain splashbacks with bright coloured glass versions.

Brighten up the stairs or hallway

Just investing in a new stair runner or carpet can add a splash of colour, or you could paint the floor which will mean you can create your own design, and it should be hardwearing too.

Revive your furniture

Not every piece of furniture has to have the same finish. Introduce a pop of colour by painting one piece in a bright shade.

Refresh the floor

The simplest solution to brighten a room is to roll out a rug in any shade you desire. The best part is that if you get tired of it, you can simple replace it at any time to give your room a fresh twist.

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