More than a quarter of homeowners want to change their home’s appearance

A lack of natural lighting and not enough space have been blamed for why many homeowners dislike the appearance of their home.

Recent surveys have revealed that more than 25% of British homeowners are unhappy with their home’s appearance.

The study of 2000 people by OnePoll found that a lack of daylight, poor paintwork and not enough space were the significant reasons why homeowners didn’t like how their home looked.

Furthermore, roughly one eighth of respondents considered their home to be a “stressful” place, while one in three stated more work was needed on their home to optimise the space they had.

Optimising your space

Self-build and renovation projects can help you make the most of space, providing you with a more relaxing environment to live in.

You can do a number of things to optimise your space, including:

  • Building out into the garden with an extension
  • Knocking down internal walls
  • Making use of existing redundant spaces
  • Converting your loft or garage into a habitable room

The OnePoll findings also revealed that to try and maximise their space, one in five adults have made furniture adjustments and 44% have strategically positioned mirrors around the house.

These were the top seven ways respondents tried to improve their homes:

  1. Lighting of different colours and strength
  2. Adding plants and flowers
  3. Painting walls a different colour
  4. Buying new furniture
  5. Using mirrors to create the illusion of more space
  6. The placement of ornaments
  7. Improving technology such as sound systems

If you would like advice on how to renovate your home into a more relaxing and spacious environment, please get in touch.

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