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Lockdown stories from our staff members

Do you find that you’ve been adapting well during lockdown? At NJ Architects, our team have had daily updates via Zoom calls and in some ways, have been working even more productively.

Here is how some of our team members have been getting on at home through the lockdown.

Ian’s custom-made desk

ians desk nja

Ian Rowland, our Architectural Technologist, has gone as far as devising his own child-proof desk! Here’s what he said:

“I saw working from home with two young girls around as an opportunity to test an idea. I worked up many design options using AutoCAD and SketchUp before settling on a design using shelf furniture board.

“It needed to be something I could quickly leave if one of the girls needed attention so that the other didn’t jump on it. Then I wanted it to fit in with the other room furniture and be something I could hide away completely when not in use.

“On a note about working from home, we as an office are still able to function well, but in a new digital way. And from my personal point of view, it has been great to witness things like my eldest learning how to ride a bike, my youngest learning new words everyday, and just seeing more of my family.”

ians desk nja 2

ians desk nja

ians desk nja

Richard’s ‘mini’ project

richards mini 1

“I now work from home, like everyone else from NJA, and in my spare time have finally been able to get stuck in to a project which has literally not moved for several years.
“Introducing Betsie – a 998 Mini ‘Racing Green’ edition built in 1989. Purchased new from Fairhead and Sawyer in Woodbridge, by my late Mum and has been in my family ever since.

“Since lockdown I have done quite a bit on the car. Betsie was in fair condition but had been neglected for a very long time. There was a mouse nest under the bonnet and the interior was full of mildew and spiders. She refused to start. Anything made of rubber had perished and rust had advanced.

“A Mini was my first car. It was loud and went like a rocket but constantly broke down and I was always fixing it. Often with a large hammer. These days I’m a bit more careful and the lockdown means I have some time to actually do things right. So I guess I’m re-living part of my youth with this Mini. My daughter Georgia will be driving the car once her test is passed.

“As soon as restrictions allow, I will be booking an MOT and Betsie will be on the Suffolk roads once again. Give us a wave if you see us!”

Pippa’s yoga space

Pippa yoga 1

Pippa is currently hosting an online yoga class for all ages and abilities. Here are some words from her:

“I’ve tested various places around the house and my favourite room for virtual teaching is the bedroom thanks to the calm white space and bags of natural light. My cat Mr Chubbs occasionally joins in, here he is doing the “sideways cat”, a feline version of the downward dog!

Pippa yoga cat

“I’ve taught yoga as a side hustle for 3 years. Since lockdown I have been running free Zoom classes on Sunday mornings for family, colleagues and neighbours. It’s a lovely way to connect and a small gesture to help people’s well-being in these unusual times.

“For some that join, it’s the first time they’ve tried yoga so I’ve been adding variety by incorporating different breathing techniques (pranayama) styles of sequencing (asana) and meditation (dhyāna). As a bit of fun on Easter Sunday I lead a hip-hop yoga class.

“The classes are open to all ages and abilities; I’ve had 5 to 75 year olds join, so if anyone fancies giving it a go, contact me on hello@twinyoga.co.uk.”

Elliott’s new addition to the family

Elliott Winnie

“Here is Winnie! I had snuck out at 6am on my partner Sheryl’s birthday to fetch her from Kent and snuck her back into the house as a surprise. She is a British short hair and was chosen because Sheryl had a similar childhood cat growing up.

“Winnie was originally meant to go to a different home but the owner had passed away from Covid, so I thought it was destiny that our paths crossed. She has settled in well and gets on with my beautiful 5 month old son, Wyatt.”

Elliott Wyatt

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