Working from home office

Designing a home office

This year has shown a magnificent rise in working from home. Although many have gone back to the office, there are still a large proportion of people who have remained working from home, and will permanently.

While working from home diminishes the commute to and from work, and makes some people work more productively, it does have its down sides as well. By planning appropriately, you can make your home office an excellent work environment where you will be comfortable as well as motivated.

Home offices to fit your lifestyle and work habits

Most prefer to locate their offices away from the rest of their living space. Space rooms, garages and basements are ideal places to locate your residential office. Parents, however, may be in the unenviable position of needing to work in their office while monitoring the children. Hiring an interior designer can be invaluable in designing the right space for your needs.

Custom desks, chairs and furniture

Offices are used every, or at least nearly ever day. To maximise productivity and minimise stress, poor posture and joint pain, you may want to invest in a custom-built desk or ergonomic office chair. Stand up desks are increasingly popular at the moment, especially those that can alternate between standing up and sitting down.

A home office environment for visitors

If there is any chance you will have visits from colleagues, partners, clients or others, you should consider what your work environment is. In most traditional office environments, you have the use of a conference area for meetings. But if your work area remains neat and has room for another table, you may be able to create your own mini-conference area.

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