Home renovation

Mistakes new homeowners make with home design

It’s always so exciting when you purchase your new home. There are lots of to renovate and decorate, leaving you with endless possibilities. Before you start looking at the design, have a think about what steps you’re going to take so you don’t end up making early mistakes or miss any important details that you would need to think about beforehand.

We have narrowed down 8 common mistakes new homeowners make when it comes to designing, for you to consider.

Not checking over all the costs beforehand

Keep an eye on your budget at all times and plan for any unexpected changes. ‘Architectural Digest’ spoke to Bruce Irving who is an Independent Renovation Consultant and mentions: “If you don’t have the funds, cut the job back. If you happen to beat these projections, then your surprises are happy ones.”

A designer isn’t involved in the project at the beginning

Depending on the project, consider investing in an architect or interior from the start so you can work through your ideas with an expert.

The references for anyone you hire aren’t checked

It’s always important to ask for previous references of any architect or interior designer you would like to hire. You can then see how their projects turned out and what the working relationship was like with their previous clients.

The questions aren’t asked

When you bring on an interior designer or architect, depending on the project, always ask as many questions as you need however simple or difficult they are. It’s always better to have everything you need to know within your project so you can make all the informed decisions along the way.

A lot of changes keep being made throughout the project

Aim to have all your decisions made at the beginning and if any small adjustments need to be changed along the way, consult with your architect or builder to prevent large costs from incurring.

Not starting work on the outside first

If there are modifications that need to be made to the outside of the house such as the roof, walls and gutters, it’s better to address those issues first before starting work on the inside of the house.

The measurements haven’t been noted

Make sure when ordering furniture and appliances, you know the precise measurements in order to fit those items and also noting the overall measurements of the room. Don’t fall in love with a 94-inch sofa when you can only fit in an 84-inch.

Everyone not having access to all the documents for the renovation

If you’re having multiple people working on your renovation, you need a main file containing all the important information when you’re purchasing new items for your home. This includes any instructions and specifications for any lighting, appliances and items. Keep it all in one folder so everyone associated with the project can access it at any time.