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How to make your home happy and relaxed

Relaxed spaces do two things, they provide a sense of calm and enable us to switch off. 90% of people most satisfied with their home say it often or always makes them feel relaxed. Creating a relaxed space means bringing together other happy qualities such as adaptability and its ability to nourish. We want our […]

How do I choose an architect?

It’s important to find an architecture firm that is respected and can ensure the success of your project. Choosing the wrong one can be painful and expensive. How do I shortlist architects? The number of varying job titles with an architect can be misleading. If you’re searching for an architect to complete a larger project, […]

7 common kitchen design mistakes to avoid

Creating the perfect kitchen begins with thoughtful design. Your new plan should eliminate problems and avoid typical design errors that hinder the function of your kitchen. Here are 7 common kitchen design mistakes that we can help you avoid. 1. Inadequate circulation space Failing to have enough circulation space can make the kitchen feel cramped. […]

8 impressive buildings in Las Vegas

With all the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, people should take more time to appreciate the beautiful architecture in the city. The popular hotels and casinos are architectural masterpieces, but there are also many lesser-known buildings that are beautifully designed. Here is a list of 8 amazing building designs in Las Vegas. 1. Nevada […]

Building the country back to health

We currently have Boris Johnson chanting “Build. Build. Build.” The government’s plan to rebuild the economy through investment in new infrastructure makes sense – the construction supply chain is extensive, so every new hospital, school and road brings thousands of employment opportunities. It works at the domestic level also. A home improvement at a first […]

Our guide to green mortgages

Since publishing its Clean Growth Strategy in 2017, the government has been encouraging mortgage lenders to develop green mortgage products. The idea was to develop cheaper mortgages which take account of the lower lending risk associated with more energy-efficient properties. Lenders offering green mortgages offer preferential terms if you buy an energy efficient home, or […]

Our guide to a self-build mortgage

If you’re considering taking out a self-build mortgage, this guide explains all – from when funds are released, the documentation needed, to the interest rates you can expect. A self-build mortgage is specifically designed to aid self-builders in building their own home. Instead of funds being released in a lump sum upon completion like traditional […]

Designing a home office

This year has shown a magnificent rise in working from home. Although many have gone back to the office, there are still a large proportion of people who have remained working from home, and will permanently. While working from home diminishes the commute to and from work, and makes some people work more productively, it […]

Planning permission in a conservation area

Undertaking a home building, extension or renovation project will have significant implications for your project from a planning perspective. This subject is particularly relevant in London and historic cities such as Bath, Oxford, Durham etc, where conservation areas are widespread. Am I in a conservation area? You’ll need to begin by doing a conservation area […]