Build infrastructure

Building the country back to health

We currently have Boris Johnson chanting “Build. Build. Build.” The government’s plan to rebuild the economy through investment in new infrastructure makes sense – the construction supply chain is extensive, so every new hospital, school and road brings thousands of employment opportunities.

It works at the domestic level also. A home improvement at a first glance may seem like a deal between you and your builder, but the work ripples out. Architects, planners, solicitors, plumbers, electricians, decorators… The list goes on.

The money you invest in improving your home, whether it’s a conversion, extension or outbuilding, helps to stimulate the local economy. This in turn feeds back into the value of your home when you come to sell.

Well planned growth

The emphasis on construction can cause alarm for some. Haven’t we got enough buildings? What about the Green Belt? We all love the idea of putting more money in pockets and creating more jobs – as long as it doesn’t impose on our quality of life. An all-out frenzy of concrete laying across the country isn’t what we need.

Careful planning is key. Just as we must comply with planning and building regulations when drawing projects for our clients’ homes, considering the impact on neighbours, trees and other natural features, the Government must plan its infrastructure campaign properly. After all, this was known as a green and pleasant land.

Sympathetic design

Buildings work best when they’re constructed in harmony with their natural surroundings. Through creative use of materials and colours, we can create buildings that in fact add to the beauty of the landscape, rather than trampling all over it.

Sustainability factors, such as materials, waste and energy consumption, are key considerations in the design of modern buildings, contributing to both the economic performance of the building and its impact on the environment.

We welcome the “Build. Build. Build.” mantra, but in addition to what it will provide to our industry and the many sectors that feed off it, we hope it will hold an era of smartly designed, sustainable buildings that will leave the country looking and feeling better.

Dreaming of a well-designed, environmentally friendly building project? Give us a call on 01473 221150.

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