Ten ideas to future-proof Ipswich

A “top ten” list of ideas to future-proof Ipswich has been put forward by a team of planners. Here Pippa Jacob explains why the project will breathe new life into the town for generations to come.

The “Ideas for Ipswich” project is about uniting the creative minds of the community to develop a vision for the future of Ipswich.
Key ideas include regenerating Lloyds Avenue, creating a riverside park between Sir Bobby Robson Bridge and Stoke Bridge, developing fresh, green spaces along the riverbanks and placing a particular focus on outdoor dining.
Planners also suggested pedestrianising the area around St Peter’s Dock and improving the gyratory road system made up of Star Lane, Key Street and College Street.

Regeneration in progress

Here at Nicholas Jacob Architects we are already working on a number of projects – including Waterfront schemes – with several developers looking to enhance and bring vibrancy to this wonderful part of Ipswich.
Our work ties in with the Town Centre Master Plan which was developed to provide a view of what Ipswich Borough Council and stakeholders want to achieve.
The 15-year plan has an end date of 2027 and involves enhancing, remodeling and developing the town centre, delivering a programme of regeneration and renewal which builds on the aspirations to be a regional centre for shopping and culture.
Key objectives include re-shaping of the town centre so its orientation extends more north to south, adding an additional 40,000m2 shopping floor space between, promoting a “café culture”, improving the open-air market and encouraging residential development.


Fit for the future

It is an incredibly exciting time to be a practicing architect in up and coming Ipswich.
The town centre is fizzing with potential and we are witnessing a transformation of the town centre and Waterfront as it undergoes further development.
With our office on the quayside, we have a front row seat to watch the town grow and evolve; not only in terms of construction and development but also the cultural and creative scenes.
I have friends who recently moved to Ipswich from London. They used a one hour search radius and after visiting 10 potential commuter towns, Ipswich came out on top thanks to the beautiful buildings, friendly locals and the vibrant artistic scene.
I am looking forward to seeing how Ipswich continues to grow and thrive over the coming years.

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