Suffolk Preservation Society vocalises their concerns about good design in Suffolk

The Ipswich Star recently wrote this article about the Suffolk Preservation Society (SPS) vocalising their concerns (and rightly so) about good design within our towns and villages, particularly with the growing needs of housing and the impact on our historic buildings and townscapes. Nicholas Jacob Architects has always strived to promote good design and welcomes the stance of the SPS – when considering any design, whether it be for individual houses or a development, the considerations of the site, its context (historic or not) and the locality must be made. Good design can only be developed through careful study of these attributes. Design must also consider the end user, as the SPS state “the quality of design is vital – not only for those living in them, but for what they brought to the character and appearance of Suffolk”.

For the communities to be happy, there needs to be diversity in design, as well as use of local vernacular and appropriate materials. Again, as a practice we are recognised for our compassionate understanding of these requirements and also for innovation in design. This helps with the delivery of such schemes, often gaining support of such groups like the SPS and local parish councils.

Recent projects include 19 houses within the town of Aldeburgh, a small scheme of individual houses in Debenham, and sites north of Ipswich. All of which have received praise for design and historic setting consideration: testimony to the practice’s philosophy of good design.

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