We welcome Joe Hedges-Quinn for a year

We are delighted to welcome Joe Hedges-Quinn, here on a year’s work placement.

Joe, the son of our Accountant, Hayley Hedges-Quinn started with us on 4th July, after he chose to do a year’s placement instead of going into his final year at university, because it was highly recommended by his course leader. Plus he wanted to gain all the experience he could possibly get, ready for when he starts year 3.

Because his mother Hayley has worked with us since 2007, Joe already had some insight into how NJ Architects worked and because he is studying Architecture Technology and Design at the University of West England, he felt this would be an idea fit to help grow his future career in the industry,

During his time at university, he had basic knowledge of the main software used in the industry, and is looking to improve his skills – particularly in CAD and Revit. He is also eager to learn more about how the industry works – he says that he has learnt a vast amount so far at university, but he has found working within an architectural company completely different.

His main role at NJ Architects is Trainee Architectural Technologist. This means he is working closely alongside Shaun, Hugh and others within the company, to produce designs and drawings for clients. Joe will also be working with Architectural Technologists Nathan and Jez, who will be teaching him how to improve his skills in CAD and Revit.

Joe (second from right), on a lunch break with some of the team.

We asked Joe for an interesting fact about himself and this is what he said…

“I had lunch with Professor Snape from Harry Potter once!”

On hearing this, we of course, had to ask how that came about, and this is what he said:

“My dad worked on the Harry Potter films and he invited us to go and watch it being filmed. So we are walking round the studio looking at all the behind-the-scenes stuff, when we come across a scene being filmed with Professor Snape. We are standing there watching the scene when they call, ‘Cut!’ and Alan Rickman comes up to us and starts talking to us while still in character, which to be clear is terrifying. Later we go for some lunch and Alan Rickman is there with his family, so he invites us over and we have lunch with him. I had the lasagne which was very nice. So that’s how I met and had lunch with Professor Snape!

“If ever a conversation is dying just mention that and it’s like giving the conversation CPR to bring it back to life. It was ages ago I think I was about 4 or 5 but it was still amazing.”