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They say that walking is one of the best ways to keep fit. It’s also relaxing, mood-boosting and something for everyone to enjoy.

It’s also an activity that’s proving popular with the Nicholas Jacob Architects’ team.

Once a month, a walk is organised so that some members of the team can get out into the fresh air, stretch their legs and explore the stunning Suffolk countryside.

The monthly walks have now proved so popular that nearly half of the Nicholas Jacob office are getting involved.

Recently a large group  got together for a 6 mile walk along the pretty coastline of Dunwich. Fuelled by a scone half way round, they finished off the walk with a tasty lunch at The Ship Inn.

“We’re thrilled at how popular our staff walks have become,” says Pippa Jacob, “it gives the team a chance to get together in a relaxed setting, away from the office and out in the fresh air.

“We also live in a beautiful part of the world, so for those of us who enjoy walking, it’s a great staff activity.”

There’s nothing better than a long walk to refresh the mind and blow away the cobwebs, and several studies have in fact proved that walking can significantly boost both productivity and creativity.

Stanford researchers have found that walking can boost creative thinking by 60%, both during the walk and for a short time afterwards.

An American company have also found that walking increases productivity by 30% – in employees who took two fifteen minute walks a day, the company logged a quantifiable jump in productivity.

So it’s no wonder that after a staff walk, the team always head back into the office with a new spring in their step.

Watch this space for the next NJA walk report.

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