Clients say it’s difficult to find practices that can offer the whole package

They find themselves having to go to a number of different specialists for specific areas of their project.

Many clients now are looking for a business that provides beginning to end architectural services and we at NJ Architects, aim to deliver both concept phase and technical delivery of client projects.

RIBA’s findings have identified that more than one architect to complete the project is proving more difficult due to clients’ wants and needs.

With clients now looking for the best quality, they find themselves having to go to a number of different specialists for specific areas of their project. Clients understand that good technical skills of design add value to their project, and thanks to specialist training, these architects are in supply.

As technology inevitably speeds up, new processes are changing the way architects perform. Therefore, the architect needs to evolve and adapt in order to keep up with the rapid amount of change.

Given more sophisticated knowledge, it is very difficult for one person or even company to understand and know everything. This then divides the profession into two separate categories – the concept architect and the technical architect.

The round table panellists have found that clients find it difficult to find a company which offers a strong understanding and knowledge of both concept and technical. Leading them to no other alternative than having to find a number of different companies to be involved in their project.

This is based on the understanding that clients believe the creative side that makes a good concept architect is a risk during technical delivery.

Clients feel safer if they have one single company take the project from theory to reality. However, clients have found then when a practice carries this out, their interest begins to wander elsewhere.

To conclude, clients are in search for an architect that can carry out the project from start to finish with no hitches in the middle. However, with the way the sector currently sits, many clients have to find a third party to envisage the idea and another third party to bring the idea alive.

So, is it time for a game changer or is the architectural world going to remain divided?

The good news is that we at NJ Architects have a range of professionals in the team who deliver not only the concept but also the technical detail. We also collaborate with other architects and specialists when projects require it. Our clients are safe in the knowledge that their projects are being managed from start to finish by people that have the right skills for each stage.

View the full article on the RIBA website.

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