The complicated process of insurance recovery

Following a fire, flood, or storm that has damaged property, the process of insurance recovery is imperative but may seem a little daunting. Thankfully, we have extensive experience when it comes to working around the complicated process of insurance recovery. This includes High Net Worth losses – which covers listed and Historic Buildings. With our help, the whole insurance recovery process is made much more manageable and clients can access help and advice at every stage of the recovery process.

By working together with skilled specialist contractors and consultants, we are able to manage the processes needed to complete various projects that need attention following insurance recovery. Work in this area begins with the initial process of discussion and negotiation with loss adjusters in order to ensure an equitable settlement is agreed upon. Just as important is building stabilising, not only structural but also environmental both of which  can be of concern after a major loss. At a time that can be incredibly stressful for the client, but with our support this leaves one less thing to worry about.

When it comes to working on a building following the insurance recovery process, we can act as the project lead at the client’s request, overseeing other third party consultants.

The team has experience of Management Contracts which expedite the process of reinstatement, and the company is more than happy to advise on mitigation and betterment wherever appropriate.

Work that we undertake is not restricted to fire damage; the company will also work on buildings that have been damaged following both storms and floods. They can also advise on technical detailing and environmental control, which is particularly relevant following flood and fire.

A particularly interesting case study when it comes to reworking and restoring a house following insurance recovery, is that of a severely fire damaged house in Norfolk. This magnificent Grade II Georgian house suffered extensive damage after a fire swept through the whole house, leaving it a shell of its former self.

Our team worked to bring a brand new lease of life back into the home, and also to modernise it wherever possible. There is a collection of photographs available within the company’s online portfolio which truly showcases the mastery of the work completed.