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Attention to detail for a historic building’s ‘smallest room’ leads to awards success

We believe every space, no matter how humble, deserves thoughtful design and meticulous attention. The spaces we use can have a profound effect on how we go about our day-to-day lives – whether it’s a stunning yet functional kitchen, a cosy historic pub lounge or a sleek and inspiring workplace. So our team at NJ […]

How many architects does it take to build a Minecraft village?

Any of you with kids will know the draw of Minecraft. But does it resonate with the architects among you? You may well chuckle. After all, those of us in the built environment sector pride ourselves on design work far superior to the block shapes of Mojang Studios. But gaming industry technology is helping transform 3D […]

Preserving the past with historic building restoration

Older buildings often reflect centuries worth of history but many of these glorious structures can begin to look unsightly over time. Sensitive interior and exterior restoration is the most visible way to conserve a building, and when carried out correctly, it helps to restore and increase its lifespan. Restoring older buildings helps to maintain the […]

Preserving history with funded restoration projects

Safeguarding cultural landmarks plays an instrumental part in the preservation of the nation’s history but the restoration of older buildings often requires a substantial budget. Many iconic buildings have been brought back to life with the support of grant funding, including the National Lottery Heritage Fund that supports architects, historians and property owners who aim […]

Maximising Your Home Renovation Budget

During the cost-of-living crisis, every penny counts. So, while you might have a pot set aside for renovations this year, how can you stretch that budget to make sure the most important elements are covered first? And what should you scrimp on? When it comes to home renovations managing the budget can be a daunting […]

Bringing Historic and Modern Architecture Together to Improve the Built Environment

In most major cities there tends to be a blend of old and new buildings that co-exist together, adding exciting and diverse dimensions to the built environment. Through clever design, historic and modern architecture can compliment one another, bringing new life to the old and grounding newer buildings within their immediate surroundings. At NJ Architects, […]