Make money on your home

A beautiful home is a joy to live in – and it can also make you money. We take a look at the growing business of location houses for both photography and filming, a way to earn cash from your four brick walls.

Converted barns, stunning renovations and sympathetic extensions – at NJ Architects, it’s safe to say we know how to create homes that help to make modern living a pleasure. But it’s not just our clients who appreciate a well-designed living space. As well as creating a place to welcome friends and family, beautiful homes can also be the ideal location for photographers and filmmakers. Location scouts scour the UK for properties to use to shoot everything from editorial features, adverts, TV and films. And homeowners around the country are making thousands of pounds by opening their doors to crews, raking in cash simply by letting creatives use their space.

Sought-after homes
A quick Google search comes up with dozens of agencies who people can register their homes with, and although London properties are much sought after, crews are often looking for places off the beaten track.

You may be thinking they’re looking for country piles and historic mansions, but often family homes are required – and real ones are more authentic and cheaper than building an entire set.

Think about some of your favourite box sets such as police dramas and political thrillers… they often feature characters in their home as part of the plot, and scenes are shot in everything from terraces to townhouses, apartments to cosy cottages.

The flip side
So what’s the catch? Well, when considering opening up your front door, you need to first be clear that the property belongs to you. You’ll often also be required to vacate the premises while the filming takes place, though timings will vary from job to job. Are you happy with dozens of crew members descending on your property and moving about your belongings? Granted, the house should usually be left as they found it, but a group of strangers in your home may be too much for some of the more private among us.

Features that pay
Obviously, you are compensated for all of the above, which makes it a very attractive proposition for some homeowners. According to one location agency, Scouty, their average host makes between £500 – £2,500 a month from between one to three bookings.

And you never know – you may see your family home popping up on television or in a magazine – showing off its beautiful features while earning you money!