Pippa Jacob joins family business as Associate Partner

We are celebrating for more than one reason this month – the family business has not only been strengthened by the return of Pippa Jacob from maternity leave but has welcomed her back in a new position as Associate Partner.

Following maternity leave, Pippa is happy to be back in the office with us and says her return to work has been ‘seamless’.

Pippa first worked for the family firm, founded by her father Nick, when she was a teenager. During her school holidays she did filing, made coffees and has always loved the atmosphere. But it was when her father helped her with an A level art project that she first realised she wanted to make architecture her career.

Pippa said: “I was working on a project called ‘The Built Environment’ and I raided Dad’s stash of architectural journals for pictures. I was hooked. He explained all these fascinating concepts and methods to me and I clearly remember thinking this is what I want to do.”

Pippa studied for her first degree, a Bachelor of Architecture, and her professional Diploma of Architecture at Portsmouth University, before moving to London to complete her Masters. At the end of 2019, she moved home to join the family firm, bringing her Hampshire husband, who she met at university, with her.

And now they are three. Having taken time out with their new-born son, Pippa is loving being back in the office and working with her dad again. Her new role as Associate Partner will mean delving more deeply into the business side of the company, as well as continuing her involvement in NJ Architect’s many projects. She’ll also keep exploring her particular passion of conservation within the construction industry.

Pippa said: “Dad taught me how to draw and was a huge help throughout university. I feel very lucky to be working in partnership with him. Although slightly scary – big shoes to fill!”