Rookery Park Interior

Rookery Park has been a rewarding project and we have overseen much of the works, including the landscape, lake and canal restoration and updating service infrastructure.  Importantly the practice has overseen all of the interior decoration, including soft furnishings, collaborating with our interior designers, the client has been able to explore both contemporary and traditional themes of interior decoration.  Principle rooms have been restored in a traditional way, with furniture and fabrics carefully chosen for these rooms, however family rooms, particularly those for the younger generation are more contemporary with bolder colours and fabrics.

NJA undertook the restoration of a number of traditional light fittings, which required updating to comply with modern electrical standards.  Bathrooms were updated and new bathrooms incorporated.  Some of the existing cast iron baths were restored, including re-enamelling.

One of the difficult tasks with this building was introducing a modern heating system.  New boilers were installed and it was a client requirement that pipework was hidden.  This was achieved with subtle adjustments to ceiling levels and adaptation of panelling and fibrous plaster cornicing, particularly where floor voids could not be used.

Photography by Andrew Hendry